Hollywog Economy Electrodes

Affordable and reliable portable stimulation devices for pain management and muscle reeducation!

Hollywog Economy Electrodes are economical, do not sacrifice quality, self-adhesive, and reusable for TENS, NMES, and FES.

Hollywog Economy Electrode Features:

Hollywog Economy Electrodes - Four (4) Sizes Available

  • Carbon conductive film
  • Copper lead wire and custom connector tip
  • Soft foam backing for increased moisture resistance
  • Molded grip socket connector for ease of lead wire connection/disconnection
  • Industry leading hydrogel with high re-wettability and dryout resistance
  • Resealable polybag packaging

Four (4) Sizes Available:

Hollywog Economy Electrodes With Bag

Hollywog Economy Electrodes
REF 10.1005 2” (5cm) Square
REF 10.1006 2” (5cm) Round
REF 10.1007 2 x 3.5” (5 x 9cm) Rectangle
REF 10.1008 3 x 6” (8 x 15cm) Butterfly


  • Each pack contains 4 electrodes (except butterfly size with contains 1 electrode)
  • Packed 10 packs per bag