Why care about electrode quality? They’re just electrodes…

That’s a good question.  Why should you care about electrode quality?  The electrode is the pathway thru which the electrical stimulation enters the target tissue. Electrodes are the components that actually come into contact with the skin…you or you patient.  Skin tissue has the highest impedance, so it is critical to have good electrode contact, current dispersion and low electrode impedance to allow the electrical current to pass thru the skin efficiently.  Poor quality in any of these areas can result in discomfort and adverse effects associated with over-stimulating an area to compensate for the poor quality.

Yes, electrodes are inexpensive and disposable, thus often considered an afterthought but you should expect the highest quality for yourself and/or your patients.  That is why you need Hollywog electrodes.  The best quality available at the price you expect. The best hydrogel…the best current dispersion…the lowest impedance.  Don’t settle for less.

Leap Forward with Hollywog.

Hollywog Silver Electrode Package


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