Comparing Impedance: Hollywog vs. the competition

Last week we discussed the importance of low impedance in electrodes, so now let’s see how well Hollywog performs against the competition. We know Hollywog has the lowest impedance in the industry, but don’t just take our word for it…let the results speak for themselves.

Hollywog and various popular-brand electrodes were tested on an impedance meter developed for electrode impedance testing.  The tests were conducted in-house on electrodes randomly chosen from newly-opened packs purchased on the open market. Each test was conducted on the same day within a time period of 30 minutes, and each test was photographed. Unfortunately, there is no standard measurement for the “perfect” impedance level other than the “lower the better,” so we will let you be the judge.  The results and actual test photos are shown below:

  • ValuTrode Lite® = 34 ohms
  • Dura-Stick® II = 204 ohms
  • Dura-Stick® = 278 ohms
  • Dura-Stick® Plus = 15 ohms
  • Dura-Stick® Premium = 118 ohms
  • Hollywog = 6 ohms
  • Hollywog Silver = 8 ohms

The results speak for themselves…Hollywog is the best electrode on the market!

We believe quality should never be compromised, and we encourage you to conduct your own tests and ask your electrode manufacturer about impedance.

Next blog topic…current dispersion.

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