Is low electrode impedance important?

It is to Hollywog.

Impedance is often equated to resistance in that it is the force that resists the flow of electrons. As resistance (ohms) increases, more voltage is required to pass the current through an electrical circuit. When applying electrical stimulation, the body becomes part of an electric circuit as the current travels from one electrode to the other.  Among the various tissues in the body, skin has the greatest resistance to current flow.  Minimizing resistance at the electrode contact point helps to minimize the resistance of the current as it passes through the skin and into the various tissues.

Electrodes that minimize current resistance and achieve low impedance will result in more efficient current flow, thus improving treatment outcomes and patient comfort.  With impedance as low as 6 ohms, Hollywog Electrodes are the best available on the market today. Choose quality and leap forward with Hollywog.

Hollywog 6 ohms Electrode Impedance

Next blog… how does the competition compare?

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